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JUSTICE FOR DUSABLE, CHICAGO'S FOUNDING FATHER, AFTER 240 YEARS THE TIME IS UP!  HELP NOW, GIVE HIM  MONUMENT, A CITY HOLIDAY & RENAME LAKE SHORE DRIVE AS DUSABLE DRIVE! Chip in any amount you can to correct the injustices and give due recognition to the Black man who founded the City of Chicago! Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the Black man from the Caribbean country of Haiti, and the founding Father of Chicago, after 240 years has not been properly credited or respected as the founder of Chicago, the country's 3rd largest city. 

He deserves and must be given a major Monument, a public “City Holiday”, and Lake Shore Drive must be renamed Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Drive.   BY VIRTUE OF THE BLACK COLOR OF HIS SKIN HE WAS NOT GIVEN THE RESPECT HE DESERVES. Let's correct the wrongs now! WE THE PEOPLE CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!

Martin's International Foundation, the Haitian American Lawyers Association, Midway Broadcasting, and Stanmorr Sports Inc, along with more than 80 organizations are asking for your donation to give a major Monument of this Black man, Chicago's first settler Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable.  We are hoping to have this Bronze Monument erected as soon as possible or by the end of 2021, but no later than the Spring of 2022.   Donations are tax-deductible.
The primary site for the erection of this magnificent 25-foot DuSable Monument is at the entrance to Grant Park on Ida B. Wells Drive, on the East Side of Michigan Avenue, Chicago.   The 3- foot bust of DuSable, donated by Lesly Benodin, that is currently located at 401 N.  Michigan Avenue is to remain permanently in place. 

LSD To DuSable Drive Close to Reality- Justice For Chicago Black Founder. Historic1st round win- DuSable Drive –Ald. Moore/BHM victory!    Read more


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