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December 22, 2021

Ephraim Martin, DBA, President of Martin's International and Chairman of Black Heroes Matter (BHM)  Coalition, was one of the speakers at Haitian American Museum of Chicago's (HAMOC) 10th Anniversary, and also received the Award of Excellence. Click the following link.


February 20, 2022

The Road to DuSable Lake .Shore Drive Victory & Black Media History, Feb. 26th, 6pm    Read more

Mayor Lightfoot, Ephraim Martin, Tremell Williams and Alderman Moore, the DuSable Lake Shore Drive connection at the Mayor's Black History Month Reception.


Martin's International is now in full preparations for the 40th Chicago Music Awards Anniversary on Saturday April 2nd, 2022 at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Visit for more information.

Tremell "Mello" Williams- Mayor Lightfoot & Ephraim Martin, President- Martin's International- Black Heroes Matter Coalition at the Mayor's Black History Month Celebration (photo 1), Mayor Lightfoot with Ephraim Martin (2), and Tremell Williams with Alderman David Moore (photo 3). Martin and Williams, among others were in the forefront in the push to rename Lake Shore Drive as Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Lake Shore Drive, while Alderman David Moore was the sponsor for the ordinance with co-sponsor Sophia King.


The well planned and executed Black History Month Reception was coordinated by Ms. Martina Hone, the Mayor's Chief Engangement Officer.

Tremell Wms- Mayor Lightfoot- Ephraim Martin at Blck History Month celebration.jpg- croppe
Aldeerman David Moore and Tremell Williams at Mayor s Black Heroes Matter Coalition - 2-15
Mayor Lightfoot and Ephraim Martin at the Mayor's Black History Month celebration- 2-15-22

Thanks to Martin's International- Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition - Ephraim Martin, DBA, Alderman David Moore and Alderperson Sophia King, who led the victory that renamed LSD as DuSable Lake Shore Drive, NBC 5 TV kicked off its Black History Month with the focus on the Chicago Founder, Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable.

December 15, 2021

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Ephraim Martin, DBA, who led the Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition charge to rename Lake Shore Drive as Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive, speaks about Chicago's Founding father, DuSable, history and more to the December Birth Month Group, at the DuSable Museum last Sunday, December 12. 2021. The long running, annual December Birth Month Celebration, started by the late Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon- founder of Christ Universal Temple, dated back to ... Martin was introduced by event coordinator, Afrah Manderson. The Mistress of ceremonies was Shirley Whitmore, greetings came from professor Kim Dulaney- Director of Education and Program at DuSable Museum, and the family games were coordinated by Rev. Jackie Atkins.

December Birth Month at DuSable Museum- 12-11-21.jpg

October 23, 2021

Mayor tells how Ephraim Martin- BHM Coalition & Alderpersons won DuSable LS Drive

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September 22, 2021

July 6, 2021

June 28, 2021

Ephraim Martin welcomes 20,000 cyclists to Bike the DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

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BHM celebrated DuSable Lake Shore Drive Victory with Rally & Motor Caravan!

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Big & Historic Win for DuSable -Black Founder of Chicago! Yes,  Black Heroes Matter!  Read more.....

June 24, 2021

The Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition Chairman, Mr. Ephraim Martin announced during a Press Conference today that key coalition members

and supporters has revisited the DuSable Drive Compromise that was proposed earlier this week by Mayor Lightfoot and her administration. The outcome is a positive one.  One that will honor Chicago’s founding Father in a profound way.


“The BHM Coalition’s, position for a compromise is if the mayor would allow the vote this Friday (June 25th), we will accept the proposed adjustment to rename the Lake Shore Drive roadway as ‘The JeanBaptiste Pointe DuSable Lake Shore Drive, only if the voting can be done this Friday, June 25th, 2021,  Mr. Martin stressed.  While the proposal was only a verbal one, he ensured other Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition members that Alderpersons David Moore and Sophia King (the sponsors of the ordinance) are working to make it ready for a vote during the City Council meeting this Friday.  Also, during the press conference, BHM Coalition’s Political Chairperson,


                      Justice Shelvin L.M. Hall, talked about the art of compromise and how significant it is to recognize when it is a good thing to do.  Earlier n the week, the BHM Coalition leaders were caught off guard with the midnight hour compromise and believe that it is now time for the people to see the progress.


In the past year, BHM leaders, members and supporters have been working endlessly to affect a positive outcome for DuSable by attending City Council Committee meetings and other events;  making phone calls; distributing important information and updates; etc. Some of those include, Tremell Williams, Youth/Entertainment Chairman; Elsie Hernandez, Education Chairperson; Valerie Hill and Marilyn May, Communications Chair and Co-Chair; Joel Stanford,  Minister Eric Sexton, Pastor Eric Taylor, Minister Betty Kellum, Olivier Kamanzi, Yolaine Dauphin, Claire Moreau, and Blaq Ice who opened and closed today’s press conference with remarkable poems entitled “Black Heroes Matter” and “Get Your Knee off Our Neck”


They all concurred that they would continue in that work until DuSable is properly honored by the City of Chicago.  BHM Chairman, Martin said that he is grateful for the work of his team and concluded with “We now call on all Council members to be united to make this a unanimous vote to honor Chicago’s founding Father, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, the man who journeyed from the Caribbean country of Haiti to start his great city that we all now enjoy.”


Last May, shortly following the gruesome police murder of George Floyd, Mr. Martin and his wife, the Hon. Shelvin L.M. Hall, Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court, now retired, formed the Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition, as an assumed name corporation under MIF. They started with more than 20 supporting organizations and has now grown to some 80 organizations and businesses.  All supporting

organizations and businesses, along with GoFundMe donors and petition signers can be seen at

June 10, 2021

Martin on the Thomas Spann Show in Florida talks DuSable, Festival and more. 

June 10, 2021


May 28, 2021




MAY 29, 2021




May 27, 2021

Gangster Move by Mayor Lightfoot & 2 Aldermen delayed Vote to rename Lake Shore Drive after DuSable    Read more

May 21, 2021

Jamaican Trailblazer snags victory for Black Heroes Matter Movement.    Read more

Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition invites you to join its very important peaceful Rally/Press Conference

May 25, 2021

May 3, 2021

IRAWMA founder Ephraim Martin working for Change in Chicago. Click here and read in the Jamaican Gleaner, the world's oldest daily newspaper.  Read more

May 2, 2021

LSD To DuSable Drive Close to Reality- Justice For Chicago Black Founder. Historic1st round win- DuSable Drive –Ald. Moore/BHM victory!    Read more

April 20, 2021

Minutes from honoring the father of Chicago, Dusable, justice was again delayed. 
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February 25, 2021

Black Heroes Matter DuSable Seminar  tonight,  7: 00 pm. CST
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February 23, 2021

I got my vaccination and getting ready for our 2021 Awards and Festivals. If you are thinking of enjoying Awards, Festivals and having fun,again, please be sure to get your vaccination when your time comes around.  

Get your vaccination now!   Take care of yourself and each other.

Martin get shot.jpg

February 12, 2021

On behalf of Martin's International and the Black Heroes Matter (BHM) Coalition, we congratulate our very own BHM founding member and  Deputy Chair, Joel Stanford on his first anniversary of his Stanmorr Sports, Inc. this Black History Month.  Stanmorr Sports, Inc. is the only Black-owned Gun Range in Illinois and one of three Black-owned Gun  Ranges in the Country.  Click here and watch this piece on ABC 7 news.

December 30, 2020

                         The Chicago Reader reports...                                We should rename Chicago’s shoreline highway DuSable Drive, but we don’t have to drop LSD 
Read more

Chicago Reader.jpg

December 29, 2020

BHM address the Mayor
Read more

December 23, 2020

BHM dialog with Mayor Lightfoot on DuSable...
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December 22, 2020

Please see the Thank You letter to the Mayor, along with the Monument location, the

requested Drive, and Holiday information.

   Thank you letter             DuSable Request


Click the picture to view a larger image

December 13, 2020

December 12, 2020

The BHM coalition full report from its 12 members who addressed the City Council Committee on Transportation and Public Way on Friday, December 11th will be coming soon.
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Thanks to Alderman Moore, Alderwoman King and all the Black Heroes Matter participants in last Friday's City Council Committee on Transportation and Public Way .....
Watch the video

December 1, 2020

Welcome to Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Giving Tuesday! After 240 years of founding this great city, he must be given a major Monument, a full City Holiday and Lake Shore Drive must be renamed DuSable Drive this month. 
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November 9, 2020

Congrats to President-Elect Biden & VP-Elect Harris
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October 12, 2020

1st Black Gun Range Owner matches DuSable Early Donors… calls on Mayor & others to chip in!
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November 30, 2020


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November 27, 2020

Deserving Cause DuSable Monument - Giving Tuesday... Join the party on Zoom and other social media
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October 21, 2020

Welcome to Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Giving Correct the wrongs to DuSable now! Black Heroes Matter asked Mayor Lightfoot & City Council...
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August 18, 2020

August 30, 2020

Happy 133rd birthweek Marcus Garvey! Joe Biden should now make a commitment to Pardon Garvey when he is in office as President.

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Special Memorial Weekend in America! A DuSable weekend @DuSableChicago and

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July 9, 2020

Martin leads Black Heroes - 50 Organizations rally in Chicago!

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July 24, 2020

Columbus Monument down! Up with DuSable Monument. Street and City Holiday!

Watch the video

July 18, 2020

Who was Chicago's Founder? A Black Man from the Caribbean.

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July 4, 2020

Martin called for DuSable holiday-Street and Monument and outlined Road to End Systemic Racism - July 4th Rally- Chicago

Read more 

The Road to DuSable Lake .Shore Drive Victory & Black Media History, Feb. 26th, 6pm    Read more


February 15, 2022

February 1, 2022

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